The Well Bracelet

The Well Bracelet

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Lunar Magic. A vow to trust the process. A light in the dark. An anchor dropping into deep, clear, magical waters.

This NYC custom made gorgeous bangle with 12 mm rainbow moonstone set in brass is an ode to the moon. A deep acceptance of the changing tides internally & externally & a reminder to honor them in your daily life. 

Moonstone is known to energetically soothe and stabilize emotions, balance out your own tides and connect you deeper to your internal needs & intuitive knowing. “The Well” is a portal of dreams that you can wear on your body.

Created by Randi Mates of Aesa Jewelry. Always committed to learning more about best practices, Aesa recycles their metals, knows the origin of their gems and minerals when possible, up-cycles stones and metals and also participates in various groups and causes dedicated to educating the public about better practices regarding jewelry production including the mercury-free mining of gems and gold.

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