Super Love Tealight Holder & Lunar Love Incense holder
Super Love Tealight Holder & Lunar Love Incense holder

Super Love Tealight Holder & Lunar Love Incense holder

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Created especially for Devotional Tools by Angela from Orgone Crystal Academy.

24 karat gold and red rose petals sit on top of a mix of powerful orgone generating ingredients consisting of atomized metals, magnetite powder, shungite powder, piezoelectric minerals, gold ORMUS, crushed clear quartz, crushed rose quartz, crushed black tourmaline, crushed pyrite, crushed selenite, a herkimer diamond and a copper coil.

From Angela:

Orgone energy was discovered by scientist Wilhelm Reich back in the 1930's. He was the first to discover (prove) the existence of an etheric bioenergetic life force energy that is present in & around us & animates our environment. Other cultures refer to this energy as "chi" or "prana". He hypothesized that this essence could coalesce to create organization from the smallest of biological life-forms to structures as large as galaxies.

Orgone generators work by layering organic & inorganic materials. The resin serves as the organic material & the crystals & metals serve as the inorganic material. Metals attract & repel the orgone energy that is present all around us. The attracting & repelling action pulls it in & creates an energetic accumulation as it bounces around between the metal particles. This is how it accumulates. The quartz crystals become compressed in the resin. As they are compressed, they become what is referred to as piezoelectric - they produce an electrical charge. A coil can help to structure & move the orgone energy in a certain direction. So, the metals suspended in resin attract the orgone energy & the crystals transmute the energy into beneficial energies.

Orgone devices can be designed with an infinite number of possible frequencies by combining different crystals with unique properties, colors, metals, sacred geometry, symbols, shapes & imbedded/programmed intentions.

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