Limpia Soap

Limpia Soap

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Just as copal is used as 'smudge' to clear energy fields, you can utilize this soap to similarly cleanse body, mind & soul. 

This is a special formula created by  Maa'Eyra at Teyolia, her first artisan soap made of authentic copal blanco (tree resin) from sustainable trees in Mexico. 

From Maa'Eyra at Teyolia:

This copal (tree resin) to make this soap is of high-grade quality, pure, unprocessed & from sustainable trees. “Copalli” in Nahuatl (native Mexican language) translates to Copal in Spanish & refers to the resin that comes from the “Copalquahuit” Copalli tree from where the resin comes from. Used in ceremonies throughout America for thousands of years, it has been essential in not only ceremonies but also for medicinal uses. There are variations of copal that come from the same tree.

After working with a variety of copalli from Mexico (tree resins) for different purposes including ceremonial, I co-created this soap to give the benefits for the same reasons copal blanco is used for. In this case is on contact with the skin. Traditional native Mexican medicine prior to the arrival of the Spanish not only included the use of copal for burning. Copal was primarily used for health & medicinal reasons, topical and ingested. These traditions still continue in some communities, however, most have discontinued this practice as modern medicine has gained more popularity.

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