Sacred Sexuality Love Elixir
Sacred Sexuality Love Elixir
Sacred Sexuality Love Elixir

Sacred Sexuality Love Elixir

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Heart Healer. Libido enhancer. Spirit Uplifter. Hormonal balancer.

The Love Elixir Prayer:

My Beloved, help me to be willing
to touch a deeper intimacy within myself.
Show me a life that allows for more experience
of the Divine within every being, every creature,
every plant, every molecule.
Speak to me & teach me to listen.
Offer me protection so I can
walk freely in pleasure.
Let my pleasure color everything.
Move me. Towards life.
Embolden me to share & through my touch
& my ways meet you in my lovers, everywhere.

You deserve this:

The tools necessary to remove the ego,
the performer, the pleaser & everything
that wants to 'do it right' from your sexuality.
Clearing ANY impediments in the way
of truly feeling yourself.
Slow & potent. Stirred up & free.
You are the medium, the channel, the guide.

Receive. Receive. Receive. Give. Open yourself.

This medicine will rock your world.

Recipe includes: Rose, Blue Lotus, Cacao, Hibiscus, Vanilla
Rose Quartz & Damiana in a Non-GMO, organic glycerine base

Damiana has been known as a libido enhancer for women for lifetimes.
Rather than just increase blood flow to the genitals, it moves Shakti to ALL the cells creating a brightening/balancing energy to everything you touch/create. It works from the center out, magnetizing rather than just stimulating. It is also an estrogen neutralizer, enabling general hormonal balance & elevating mood

1 oz classic elixir
$25 including shipping
4 oz
$75 including shipping

“This prayer is vibrating my entire being.”

“2nd day & I have gone deep in the woods to take the elixir.
My inspiration is back & I just danced naked
in the rain around my ancestral home.
Deep in the heart of Dixie. Magic.
I love you so much & the gifts you give us all.”
Artist/Medicine Woman

"I’ve ever been so in love with myself
exactly the way I am.
Thank you for bringing this to the people."
~ SS
Mama/Public Health Activist

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