The Love Artist

Best known as The Love Artist, in homage to my 10 year True Love Project*, an ongoing conceptual performance, I have professed to “love the world one person at a time for one hour, one day, one afternoon or early morning to the best of my ability, unconditionally and with unmitigated passion.”

I traveled with this work worldwide, loving people in whatever form is appropriate, from unconditional to romantic and everything in between, in their homes and work places as well as galleries, museums, shrines and sacred sites. Another recent social engagement project, The MA Platform ~ an extended, international web of feminine devotional practices ~ is also based on ephemeral, palpable touch & connection, sometimes across great distances.

*The True Love Project: one lover at a time, for one day, one hour, one morning -- unconditionally & with unmitigated passion, a traveling performance, originated in 2002, designed for an audience of one (or in special cases, small groups of friends or family members).    This project may be experienced in a multitude of ways, from the pure form -- a 24 hour love appointment with the artist (now a rare commodity) & many other shorter, traveling forms of love theater.

I currently carry this work & these teachings in a sacred coaching practice based in a variety of meditative work including plant spirit teachings, astrology & tarot, kundalini & other nature based practices.

Available for divinatory & coaching session work by interview. You are welcome 💞


"This is the idea – that we, on the food of this love – even though we don’t really know each other – can build this together.  I’m not exploiting what we have; really, I just want to be able to work with it like a plastic element.  Love, intimacy, instead of paint stone or wood . . .  running on a certain kind of intensity or connection, like fuel. "  -  Kathe Izzo 

"The thought of Kathe loving me all day was unexpectedly touching, an idea I found myself stroking from time to time like an amulet, because it made me feel special, lucky. . . Such strong, detached devotion made me feel small like a kid, cause this is the way god & Santa loves, invisible & always."  - Michelle Tea 

"Kathe makes intensely private work that lets the world walk around in it . . . it’s oddly heavy & comic & deliberately perverse . . . She puts her words & her body on the line more than any other contemporary artist I know."  - Eileen Myles