Sacred Copal
Sacred Copal

Sacred Copal

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**Harvested and Collected September 2021****


I start my morning practice by lighting my candles; burning some copal, blessing my instruments; space. I also offer some copal for individuals (including myself) for whom I am offering prayers.

This copal (tree resin) is of high-grade quality, authentic, pure, unprocessed, and from sustainable trees. “Copalli” in Nahuatl (native American language in Mexico) translates to Copal in Spanish and refers to the resin that comes from the “Copalquahuit” Copalli tree. Used in ceremonies throughout America for thousands of years, It has been essential in ceremonies throughout the Americas for thousands of years in addition to medicinal uses. 

I buy my copal from Maa'Eyra at Teyolia:

The copal offered here to you is called Copal Blanco (White Copal), Copal Santo (Holy Copal), Copal de Penca (maguey leaf) among some names. It was harvested in the state of Puebla & Guerrero, Mexico last year. Due to our sustainability efforts, only a certain amount of copal blanco /white copal is harvested once a year! Sourced personally from an indigenous family who works together & are conscious of the effects of over harvesting copalli trees, only older trees are used to produce copal blanco. There is a rotating process that occurs in which a group of trees are used for 4 years consecutively & let to rest 4 years while another group of trees are used. It is believed that not following this process will lead to copalli tree drying & no longer producing this important resin.

It is a traditional belief in native American culture that the smoke of the copal blanco purifies the spirit & carries out messages to those not among us any longer in the physical plane & prayers out to Universe. It is the contact of the Earth-Water elements made with Fire to produce the smoke, visible to us as an element of Air.

**You will need a charcoal disc to burn/melt the copal. We are including one roll of Swift Lite Charcoal with each order**

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