Mary Magdalene Orgonite Pyramid
Mary Magdalene Orgonite Pyramid

Mary Magdalene Orgonite Pyramid

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  • Made in Virginia by Orgone Crystal Alchemy
  • Handmade
  • Materials: 24 karat Gold, Pearls, Larimar, Rubies, Selenite, Rose petals, rhodochrosite, rhodonite, blue chalcedony, sterling silver, copper, brass, plant based resin

Dimensions: 5.75 inches at the bottom and 6 inches tall.

**IMPORTANT: Made to order, takes 6 weeks for delivery**

This is one of my absolute objects on my altar. When I first received it during deep covid lockdown, I created a sacred space for praying & also for dreaming, with this pyramid at the center. Once I started traveling again, I traveled with the orgonite close at hand (even though I have been stopped at airport security & questioned if it was a weapon !?!), neutralizing negative spaces, enhancing my natural femme protection & sacred intuition. I think it might be my familiar. Or my best friend. Or my lover.

We are so lucky that Angela at Orgone Crystal Alchemy will make these to order for DEVOTIONAL TOOLS.

From Angela:

This is a powerful, divinely created orognite pyramid! The contents & placement of each item was guided by Mary Magdalene & Christ Consciousness. It has a large wire wrapped quartz point at the tip with gold flakes and rubies. The rubies were placed in 3's in each layer. Under the quartz are rose petals carefully placed in a blooming circle. Inside the rose petals are a circle of pearls encased in a tensor ring. Inside the pearls are frankincense tears. In the middle of the frankincense is a herkimer diamond. Under the blooming frankincense-pearl-rose is a bed of 24 karat gold flakes contained in another tensor ring. Under that is a sterling silver infinity symbol, though it cannot be seen. The next layer is a powerful crystal grid containing sterling silver wire-wrapped larimar at the corners, rhodochrosite, blue chalcedony, morganite. This crystal grid sits on a bed of high quality wire cut brass & gold mica. The gold layer contains a puck that has all of our ingredients that create frequency armor, including: crushed clear quartz, atomized metals, Rochelle salts, gold ORMUS, neodymium magnets, copper shavings, Herkimer diamonds, rose quartz, selenite, pyrite & a copper coil. Underneath the gold mica layer are 4 rose petals in each corner.

These symbols were carefully hand-created with loving intentions. Under the symbols sits the 11 circuit labyrinth with more larimar, rhodochrosite & rhodonite. From the bottom of the pyramid, you can see the rubies placed in each of the "rose-petal" placements of the center of the labyrinth, as well as a larimar crystal. It is finished off with 6 rose petals & 24 karat gold flakes. The pyramid contains a cross/ankh symbol & two fish symbols (which is derived from the vesica piscis symbol).

This orgonite pyramid is a powerful piece! We have used ours for ceremonies, meditations, and travel. During one ceremony, the fragrance of rose petals could be smelled by all who were near. It carries & emanates the energies of Mary Magdalene & Christ consciousness.

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